12, Hiromi Tsuha

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Hiromi Tsuha

Title : 12

Price : £15 

About the artist :

Hiromi Tsuha was born in Okinawa, Japan. She lives and works in London. In 2007 she received Distinction in MA Printmaking from Camberwell college of Art, University of Arts London and along with printmaking her art practice expands in photography, installation and site-specific work. Through her work, Tsuha investigates the concepts of loss and hope and there manifestation in habitable environments and surroundings.

Since her graduation Tsuha has actively exhibited as solo & resident artist and in group shows internationally, including UK Japan, Taiwan, Lithuania, Germany, Ireland, USA, Greece and Mongolia, as well as organised shows independently and collaboratively. She partakes a collective blog space ‘Note’ with 7 artists from all over the world. http://spacialnote.blogspot.co.uk

About the work:

’12’ is a collage note book recording the experience of an experimental project which involved staying for one night, once a week, for a total duration of three months at 12 different home environments. The experiment consisted of spending a brief period of time in each house, doing the same methodic actions such as having a conversation with the host, borrowing clothes to sleep, measuring and tracing the room where I slept in…etc. While working on this project I became some sort of nomadic intruder collecting high lights of the daily routine. This project has developed since then and resulted to a visit in Mongolia and expand the project there into site-specific installations.

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