Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami, Carolina Khouri

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Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami

By Carolina Khouri

Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami book by Carolina Khouri is a part of the project, in aid of The Great East Tohoku Earthquake – 11 March 2011.

The book presents a series of paintings inspired by traditional and modern, Japanese and western haiku, with forward by Kuniharu Shimizu and EC President Mr Herman Van Rompuy.

In the light of the tragedy of Earthquake the artists dedicated the series to the victims of the disastrous events and in addition, a limited edition of the book of the series was published, proceeds from which are donated to Momo – Kaki Orphans Fund, (chaired by Tadao Ando) in Japan. The Fund supports scholarship of the Earthquake’s orphans.

Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami is an on going project since 2012. Every year it marks an anniversary of the tragic events and at 11 March the required sum of 10.000Y is sent to the Fund.

£25 each, proceeds of which are dontated to Momo – Kaki Orphans FundVisit Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami FB Page:


The series can be viewed on www: http://www.carolinakhouri.com/portfolio/painting/haiku-prelude/

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