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My work has always stretched across multiple disciplines from Cabaret performance featuring elaborate costume and tongue in cheek songs to colouring books and paper dolls

My paper dolls and colouring books are made with the aim of having fun! I like the idea that each book will end up looking different, depending on who it goes to, the images of course are always the same, but depending on how people colour it in, or cut it out, or choose not to and just keep the book as it is to look at really interests me.

Art should be accessible, what use is a piece of art so precious no one can share or enjoy it? This is why I produce things people can enjoy touch, colour, cut and ultimately be part of. This is why my work is readily available and why I don’t produce limited editions of work, if people want to enjoy my work, they can.

Titles available at The Exchange:

The Filthiest colours Alive


This fierce, Filthy and fabulous colouring book features 11 original Divine inspired illustrations from John Waters cult classic movies, ideal for any Divine fan.

The most inspirational Queen of all time Colour your way through this fabulous Drag Queens filthiest moments in this weird and wonderful adult colouring book 

This book is an ideal birthday or Christmas gift, Why not give it as a coming out gift? or just get it as a present for yourself?
Be proud, be colourful be sassy and fierce with the filthiest colours alive 

The book is A5 in size and Fabulous, fabulous fabulous !!! and comes with colour pencils too! WOW!
colour the filth and brighten your day with the filthiest colours alive !

The Trouble with Channel Swimming


Dedicated to all the troubles one might encounter whilst preparing to swim the channel , naughty dogs fat geese, you know the usual sea side sights.

It Takes Cuts To Be Gentle And Kind ( A Morrissey Paper Doll and Colouring Book )


Ever wondered what to do whilst listening to your smiths records? Why not try the Morrissey paper doll, 

Mozzer comes with 3 full outfits ( including a special Christmas number), 3 mix and match t shirts 1 slogan board with 4 different phrases, and , as if that wasn’t enough you get accessories too, including a Ouija board and planchette , a tambourine, and an Oscar Wilde book.

The book is printed on white card and comes with a set of 4 colouring pencils so you can colour Morrissey’s outfits in. 

The books are A5 in size.

An ideal gift for any Morrissey fan, or just a lovely little book to treat yourself to.

Ideal stocking fillers for any Morrissey fan, or what a smashing birthday gift this would be!

Want to woo that girl or guy you like ,, instant brownie points if you give them this !!

Whenever I’m Alone with You, You Make Me Feel like I Am Clothed Again ( A Robert Smith Paper Doll and Colouring Book )


Whenever I’m alone with you , you make me feel like I am clothed again!
is a colour your own paper doll book ideal for lovers of 80’s Goth and the king of big hair Robert Smith.
comes with;
pack of 4 colour pencils
4 outfits and interchangeable accessories including Goth juice hair spray so Roberts hair can remain as big as possible and a dream catcher to catch all those spider filled dreams.

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