‘Introspectus: Le Bwoop’, Joe Furlong

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Joe Furlong is a self-taught graphic artist, live artist and printer based in London. He is Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Minesweeper Collective Art Co-operative that provides workshops and exhibitions for the community in South-East London and hosts international art residencies. He is currently exhibiting in the UK and abroad while progressing the Deptford based Minesweeper project to become a strong and healthy example of autonomous and collaborative creative effort. 

‘Introspectus: Le Bwoop’ is a pop-up book made in Lille, France, under the guidance of Furlong’s book making master, Antoine Duthoit of the binding monastery known to locals as ‘Le Cagibi’. During ten days of intense and backbreaking labour the pair with the addition of Chinese drawing blackbelt Tony Cheung imported from Guangzhou for the duration, created an object previously unknown and and unattempted in the dark world of pop-up book making. 

An instruction manual from another planet, about another planet, accessed only through the horrific meditation sessions and inter-dimensional regressive pre-life visions achieved through the masterful tutelage of Duthoit. A world inside itself, beside itself and outside yourself, controlled by your future ancestor’s worst nightmares and your past generation’s most sinister perversions – in fluro ink that will seduce your retina artfully. You have been warned. This is not for the feint hearted or fake arted.

(when finished please close properly and ensure all folds are returned to their original position or the swift wrath of Duthoit will pull your intestines out of your nose and extract your withering soul for the next edition..)  1/59. 

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