Panos Dimitropoulos

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The basic principle underlying my work is the application of semiotic emphasis to various meaning agents but mainly objects to compose conceptual installations. By combining different connotations I orchestrate surrealistic meta-texts; instead of painting a pipe I use an actual pipe and claim it not to be. The object freed from its original surroundings and function, comes from the world of things to communicate the world of ideas. The apotheosis of materialism as well as the state of being that contemporary art has entered, have created the circumstances for a self-sustained, self-ironic and highly critical conceptual art where objects, upgraded from a mere commodity status, become the colors; semiotic and linguistic play are the brushes and the state of contemporary human condition the title. My primary concern is the theoretical at its attempt to become critical; the physical is treated as secondary, lightweight, unpretentious or dematerialized. The objects that compose these installations enter into a signification play with each other as they endlessly strive for meaning domination. I throw them into a conceptual arena and you watch them fight each other. In the end, it is up to you, the audience, to launch them into a career of metaphor, off into the realm of your imagination.

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