COOKBOOK, Rodrigo Pires

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COOKBOOK is an essential selection of classical recipes for the adventurous, ubiquitous cook with easy to follow instructions, designed for home preparation and for cooking on the go. For visual stimulation and suggested inspiration each recipe has been carefully paired with a thoroughly assigned illustration.

Resulting from the effortless collaboration of Rodrigo Pires and SAK, in their first combined project; this humorous venture into the world of gastronomic experimentation took the form of a self-published bookwork with a small edition of 5.

About the Artist

Rodrigo Pires is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator, living and working in London.

His work explores notions of memory, time and cultural identity. He collects influences from different fields of interest: from history to politics, philosophy to literature and film to gastronomy. These collected elements are then recycled to convey a sense of their own, with which he assembles a visual vocabulary of imagined narratives.
He forms part of the “Tracing my Echo” book and exhibition ongoing collective project in partnership with Collaborative Art.

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