The story of the Land and the Sea, Amelie Beaudroit

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About the Artist:

In her paintings, Beaudroit expresses a working process and an exploration of that which cannot be fully identified, forces we can’t describe yet from which we perceive the impact. Her works between abstraction and realism, use visual language as a method to study the state of flow and the movement of things.

Somewhat resonant of Mark Rothko’s paintings, Beaudroit creates abstractions with large soft-edged areas of colour. However, these abstractions are identified as landscapes and seascapes, where the hazy use of colour plays with the notion of blurriness and the indistinct. As the artist explores natural elements that surround us and define our edges, she is in effect representing something like a search for an identity that is in constant flux.

About the book:

The story of the Land and the Sea is a book constructed as a narrative installation. It is made of 12 chapters, each combining words and imagery and it explores the theme of nature and our relation to it. Land and Sea are two entities that shape our planet, they define where we build our societies and they inhabit our imagination. 

The book, through its abstract story, explores how our relation to these elements define our personal identity, how they inspire our lives and enlighten our behaviour. 


The book has paperback binding and is printed on glossy paper, all the images are photographs of the artist’s paintings. For the last chapter, Amelie has done a different sketch for each book making it a unique original item. 

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