A Love Letter to Myself, Sara Navaro

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About the Artist

Our composition is 70% water. Feelings and experiences are a physical movement through these waters.

I use just the three primary colours. I allow the other colours to emerge from these, dependent on how the paint solutions flow and mix together in that instant.

When I paint, I pour very diluted gouache onto paper, which I then move with. A little like Tai Chi, I use the physical movement of my body to communicate my emotional state. Communication occurs between the water in me and the water on the paper. My painting makes the physical experience of “feeling” visual.

About A Love Letter To Myself

A Love Letter to Myself is a spiritual journey in both paint and words. It covers a single, life- transforming, year.

The book begins with my experience in psychotherapy – with an all-consuming obsession that I conceived towards my therapist. Radically honest, I take the reader with me through the pain, the growth and the joy that slowly emerged, following the decision to end the relationship. This happened in and through my painting.

As I explored my own voice and began to let go of an unhealthy love, I found water playing an increasingly important part in my work. I learnt that I could “speak” through water. And the more

Uniquely, the images are completely symbiotic with the text. The journey happens on multiple levels. The book is short – it is only 66 pages long. My ethos was to make it as accessible as possible. This is the first book of what I hope will be a series.

that I engaged with the water, the more connected I became – to myself and the world.

The book is A Love Letter to Myself, because it is, ultimately, about discovering self-love. Integral was my determination to remain authentic and to bring my “shadow” to the light. It is my hope that in sharing my experience in this way, I will inspire others to ask themselves their own difficult questions and to embrace their own opportunities to move forward and grow.


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