APPerception: Pathotones, Andy McCaferty

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Andy McCafferty

 Title: APPerception: Pathotones

Pricing: One of a kind

About the work:

APPerception: Pathotones is a research and development approach exploring electronic arts as a means for therapy in the relief of symptoms in people with cancer. Underdrawing the project is the sonification of diagnostic medical imagery and the use of audio-visual programming to develop interactive compositions; employing the type of sonic material to widen perceptual possibilities which may evoke control over pathological thoughts and forms, giving the ‘player’ power to create new orders, re-composing images in real-time through ‘triggering’ sensory events.


The project aims to: use interactive audio-visualisations to help foster healing, accessing the mind-matter interaction. Apply current medical imaging techniques alongside contemporary arts practice to facilitate an environment conducive to positive emotions that manifest into positive physical sensations in the body; a ‘negative’ symbol adopted as a source of release whereby reacting to pathological imagery alongside the thoughts we form may desensitise us to traumatic material. Fostering that belief, reconstructing the subject matter (review and edit) involves us in the material on many levels, working with it, like Cezanne, over and over. And, with discipline the potential to ‘unfold’ sensations and interfere with the sequence of cause and effect.

About the artist:

Andy McCafferty is a Slade School MFA alumni. His main interests are the examination of perception of audio-visual phenomena and pictorial space working in a variety of two and three-dimensional media and sound. He was awarded an AHRC grant in 2005 to explore relationships between art and science, in particular the neural condition for perception and visualising conceptual models in physics. His work aims to question individual experiences of reality and through working with diverse groups, he enjoys pursuing key issues in contemporary art and how this relates to wider societal concerns.

Andy has exhibited his work in numerous group shows in the UK, including The London Group Centenary, and abroad and had his first solo exhibition at Alsop Architects in 2006. He has delivered workshops at Cyprus College of Art and currently teaches art and creative technologies in adult and community learning.

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