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Artist Bio

The creations of Joe Vallory break the mould, whilst asking questions of what the mould could potentially be. It is unhelpful to pin down a definition of his style of making, it is however more relevant to draw attention to the duality contained within his creations. Joy, rage, haves and have nots, are all investigated in his practice. Not strictly painting or sculpture, nor photography or installation, his work sits somewhere in the goldilocks zone, evading definition. Naturally a storyteller and a proud working class anarchist, Joe creates metaphors of the now, and does so with tenacity and black humour.

Art Stuff book:

This book documents the various art creations of Joe Vallory. From short stories to installations. Full of colour, fun and devilish humour. This resource offers a rare glimpse into the psyche of a miximalist artist, tussling with the pressing issues we share, while laughing intensely at the ridiculousness of it all.

The People of Chavchester book:

The people of Chavchester is a collaborative labour of love created by Joe Vallory, Ian Johnson, and Neil Dyas. This fictitious story, contains a myriad of images, inspired by punters who drink in social clubs as well as regular ordinary folk. The universal themes, played with in this random journey into surrealism and dark humour, will take you to deranged places that showcase a unique honesty within a fantasy that is unashamedly honest.

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