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The publication itself exists as 4 A3 fold out posters (double sided on two sheets) with a separate A5 slip in. The are designed so the viewer becomes the curator- enabling them to fold and display as they wish. Please note the artworks present are not full images of their work- we have cropped and arranged to make posters that exist in their own right.

About us:

CHROMA is a curation of visual thought and exists both as space and document

It acts as a platform for elaboration and articulation, exploring the narrative potential of aesthetic and visual arrangement

The published and exhibited results are amalgamations of open submissions

CHROMA produces experiments in chromatic language

We first had the idea for CHROMA during preparations for our degree show at Chelsea College of Arts. Putting together such a large-scale group exhibition of disparate artists and individual works was exciting, stressful and everything in between. The show was great but in places felt very individualistic as there was no thematic or narrative structure, and due to the nature of the show it felt, of course, competitive. We really wanted to reproduce the potential and dynamic of such a big show whilst introducing a more cohesive relationship between the individual works. CHROMA aims to explore what elements of association are generated between loosely related yet entirely separate works and from this investigate the narrative potential of visual arrangement.

The singular given commonality – this time Red – allows room for both cohesion and variety, and enables the show to interrogate and experiment with the possibilities of a visual language being formed by exploring the conversations the individual works are forced to have through their curation.

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