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Five Years is an unfunded collaborative artists’ project. Founded in 1998, Five Years’ initial aim was to set up a gallery which was artist-run and where programming would maintain a direct relationship to practice. Five Years continues to develop this aim of maintaining close links between the production and exhibition of work, and the discourse which informs it.

Membership currently stands at Charlotte Knox-Williams, Ilga Leimanis, Mia Taylor, Mike Murphy, Esther Planas, Sally Morfill, Louisa Minkin, Francis Summers, Rochelle Fry, Edward Dorrian, Alex Schady and Marc Hulson.

Five Years Publications: Public Series. FYP-PS-01-06Six Five Years projects (from 2010-15) have resulted in publications made under the Five Years Publications imprint. All publications can be viewed, ordered and bought on demand at

How to Write: Reading Groups/ How to Read: Writing Groups FYP-PS-08 and

Benefit Crisis FYP-PS-07 will be in published 2016.

Five Years Publications: Public Series is a project organised and produced by Edward Dorrian.



Evaluation, Consensus and Location

Experts From Beyond (A Script).


ISBN 978-1-903724-16-3

Saturday afternoon 2pm, 28th March 2014, we slowly assembled for the last event of day two of the public programme of Utopographies: Evaluation, Consensus and Location, a sprawling research project which condensed the energies and preoccupations of theorist Dan Smith, the Critical Practice Research Cluster, architect Amy Butt, Charlotte Knox-Williams, other utopographers and interested publics.The schedule for Edward Dorrian’s session suggested we would: Sit for one hour as a group and record ourselves in turn, for an amount of time (perhaps 5 mins). We each use the video camera – framing, close up, panning, zoom in and out, etc. Discussion is not lead. There is no declared starting point. No proposition. Each participant operates before and behind the camera. There is no compulsion to speak, or act. A transcription of any discussion will be made, a draft of the transcription will be offered to any participant for editing (their own contribution only). A text comprising the first draft and a second combined edit will be proposed for publication. The recording is the copyright of those participating, consent must be given for its future presentation or subsequent editing.

Public Series Edition 2015Copyright © The Authors 2015Black & White pp. 560Perfect-bound PaperbackFull Colour cover148.1mm x 209.8mm

to buy/order: £10.53 +p&p


This is not Public.


ISBN 978-1-903724-11-8

Christine Sullivan and Rob Flint, Jonathan Trayner, Charlotte Knox-Williams, Neil Ferguson, Sheila Buckley, Karen Turner, Wendy Scott and Sassa Nikolakouli, Andrew Cooper, Kim Wan, Edward Dorrian, John Greene, Joe Duggan

Public Series Edition 2014

Copyright © The Authors 2014Black & White pp. 319Perfect-bound PaperbackFull Colour cover148.1mm x 209.8mm

to buy/order: £6.57 +p&p


Ignominious Wank.


ISBN 978-1-903724-12-5Nicola Harlow, Trish Bould, Amy Todman, Susan Wood, Kathy Oldridge, Melanie Rose, Charlotte Knox-Williams and Edward Dorrian

Public Series Edition 2014Copyright © The Authors 2014Black & White pp. 334Perfect-bound PaperbackFull Colour cover148.1mm x 209.8mm

to buy/order: £6.78 +p&p


(Im)Possible School Book. As Found.


ISBN 978-1-903724-010-1 

Publication response to a collaborative project with Tate Schools and Teachers as part of Tanks Summer School at Tate Modern 2012

Ace&Lion (Sharon Bennett, Metod Blejec & Scott Schwager); Alain Ayers; Amateurist Network; Anna Lucas; Anna Mortimer; Annie Davey; Bella Kerr; Calum F Kerr; Catalog; Charlotte Knox-Williams & Jennifer Jarman; Chiara Mu; Collaborative Art (Froso Papadimitriou & Jonathan Bradbury); Dagmar I Glausmitzer-Smith; Damien O’Connell & John Greene; Deborah Ridley; Edward Dorrian; Eitan Buchalter; Esther Planas; Esther Windsor; Francesca Cho; Gary Kempston; Hadas Kedar; Ilene Berman; James Hutchinson; J. Dunseath; Jessica Potter; Jillian Knipe; Jonathan Trayner; Julia Moore; Kim Wan; Lee Campbell; Leslie Barson; Matthew Lee Knowles; Mirja Koponen; Neil Ferguson; Patrick Loan; Rachel Cattle; SE Barnet; Sharon Gal; Simon Wells & Max Mosscrop; Steve Richards; Sylvie Vandenhoucke & Kris Van Dessel; Tansy Spinks; Teachers Consult 2012 (Joanna Wilkinson, Kate Jackson, Amy Mckelvie, Linda Scott & Effie Coe); Tom Estes; Walter Van Rÿn

First published by Five Years 2012Public Series Edition 2014Copyright © The Authors 2014Black & White pp. 236Perfect-bound PaperbackFull Colour cover148.1mm x 209.8mm

to buy/order: £5.18 +p&p


This Is Not a School. Book.


ISBN 978-1-903724-07-1

Alexander Costello, Mark Harvey, Lee Campbell, Duncan McAfee, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Alex Baker, Mike Ryder and Sarah Bowker-Jones; Lucy Cash and Theron Schmidt; Steven Eastwood & Anya Lewin; Kevin Molin & Zoe Olaru; Dagmar I Glausnitzer-Smith and Francesca Cho; Gary Kempston; Sharon Gal, Frances Morgan, Andie Brown, Sophie Cooper, Suke Driver and Aurelia McGlynn-Richon; Free School & Communist Gallery;Deborah Ridley; Patrick Loan; Chloe Cooper, Phoebe Davies & Louisa Martin; Heidi Wigmore & Sarah Buckle; Ana Cavic, Renée O’Drobinak (Ladies of the Press*; Ella Clocksin, Stephen Davies, Nicola Harlow, Ben Jenkins, Charlotte Knox-Williams, Kathy Oldridge, David Podger, Amy Todman, Marius Von Brasch; Esther Windsor; Pier Vegner Tosta; CATALOG; Amateurist Network; Charlotte Knox-Williams & Jennifer Jarman, Amy Todman, Melanie Rose; Damien O’Connell & John Greene; Naoise McGeer, Alfonso Areses; Alice Bradshaw; Annie Davey; Critical Practice; Steve Richards; Rachel Cattle; Paul Tarragó; Leslie Barson; Neil Ferguson; David Berridge; Jillian Knipe; Christine Sullivan & Rob Flint; Kim Wan; Calum F. Kerr; Jessie Bond & Elizabeth Graham

First published by Five Years 2012All rights reserved.Public Series Edition 2014Copyright © The Authors 2014Black & White pp. 408Perfect-bound PaperbackFull Colour cover148.1mm x 209.8mm

to buy/order: £8.01 +p&p


So Much For Free School, Etc.


ISBN 978-1-903724-05-7

Alex Schady, Alice Cooper, Antje Hildebrandt, Avaes Mohammad, Bryony Kate Gillard, Carly Juneau, Charlotte Knox-Williams, Christine Sullivan & Rob Flint, David Berridge, Karen Di Franco/Concrete Radio, Marit Muenzberg, Tamarin Norwood, Mary Paterson, Edward Dorrian, Elliott Harris (Neva Elliott & Lynn Harris) Fay Nicolson & Charles Ogilvie, Francis Summers, Froso Papadimitriou, Geopolyphonies Collective Hamja Ahsan, Johanna Linsley, Jonathan Trayner (Free School), Kate Wiggs & Joanna Austin, Kathryn Faulkner, Ladies Of The Press* (Ana Cavic & Rénee O’Drobinak), Larry Achiampong, Ben Youngman, Roi Driscoll, Tefltastic: Lee Campbell Plus Guests: Phil Harris, Adrian Lee, Patrick Loan, Heidi Wigmore, Leslie Safran: The Otherwise Club, Luke Williams, Matthew Mackisack, Michael Schuller, Neil Ferguson, Nela Milic, Nicolas Vass, Oliver Guy-Watkins, Patricia Vidal Delgado, Patrick Loan, Paul Tarragó, Pier Vegner Tosta, Rachel Cattle, Rebecca Birch, Sandra Erbacher, Seth Guy, Steve Richards Tele-Geto: John Cussans, Vasileios Kantas & Jo Bradshaw

First published by Five Years 2010Public Series Edition 2014Copyright © The Authors 2014Black & White pp. 334Perfect-bound PaperbackFull Colour cover148.1mm x 209.8mm

to buy/order: £6.78 +p&p

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