Eve Obrochta

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Through experience and constructed geographies we are travelling in the time and space through different kind of territories we trespass our enjoyments, wars, joys and emptiness…

The series of my images in the book concern time, cultural identity and face representations. In my collages style I am trying to present contemporary tendencies that I am encounter in everyday life, how humans are dealing with their own image (opportunity to discover darker side what we usually ignore).

Human behaviours and life moments of breakthrough, negation and suppression in illustrating our life-path. Continuously looking for our own places is a result of changes in our own habits and adapt to new forms.

My compositions speaks about the level of identification within chosen elements of reality a concept of duality, destabilization of the human entity in mundane routine world.

I believe that art is a form be going private and public domain. It is an experiment, a quest on exploration of many kinds of communication.


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