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Great Snake Collective

Great Snake is a Bucharest based comic book collective bringing together artists and writers from all over the world to create thought-provoking narratives and artwork. Set up through the launch of the eponymous anthology, Great Snake aims to become a European-wide platform for comics artists and writers.

Great Snake Anthology

Great Snake is first and foremost a comic book anthology with a critical look on mainstream culture. Each issue we have a guest editor who is not associated with the comic book medium (be it a political scientist, journalist or non-comic book artist), that provides us with a concept. Each concept is presented in the form or of an essay or even a curatorial style prologue. It is from this concept that we invite artists and writers to develop stories, to engage with key social and political issues and generally step out of their comfort zones. Each issues showcases a variety of artistic approaches, of themes and cultural perspectives.

The current issue is dedicated to exploring the idea of escapism, in all its forms. The concept is created by Harald Lange, a veteran of the Norwegian punk scene, that currently heads up Oslo’s biggest squats. The issues contains 6 stories that use escapism as the ignition for talking about a range of issues, such as intimacy, alienation, racism in the digital age and the need to be validated by a community.

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