Artists At Work, Jason Haynes

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  Artists At Work
‘artists in other occupations, creative approaches to a common reality’
A publication which works like a travelling exhibition/think tank, based on the interests and concerns outlined below. This is able to fit into a number of environments, from galleries to work and educational settings. This will aid further ideas and developments.

“This book focuses on artists who use secondary employment to influence their activity. Whether supplementary day jobs in call centers or placement opportunities bringing change to the work place. Potentially challenging, reflective or insightful; these artists express different approaches in their disparate disciplines towards ‘making a living’. The artists here represent a real diversity in today’s working environments and concerns; from factory and office work to inner city schools and human rights issues. An ongoing narrative accompanies this, seeking to address thoughts on overlapping identities and roles whilst also aiming to offer a more personable and accessible read. 

Relevant comparisons with artists from the wider history of art is also reflected upon, in order to offer up alternative contexts in a common ground of understanding.This book analyses these approaches and seeks to understand the potential movements and boundaries for the artist in contemporary society.”

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