Joe Jefford

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About the artist:

Joe is an emerging artist based in Leeds and Birmingham. He works across a range of media, usually focusing on photography, printmaking and digital work.

He is currently working on a new book that will contain a series of drawings based on results from a random number generator.

About the books:

The focus of these books was to look at how the idea of absence can have a material presence through the collection and documentation of certain objects and spaces.

For example an empty or abandoned armchair, used and left on the street, is an object that is inherently linked with absence. It implies the person that might sit down, or the one that used to sit, and therefore emphasises the lack of such a person. Through this suggestion of presence the chair creates a moment of interest, of uncertainty and expectancy, based around the fact that our questions are never answered.

Another influence whilst making this work was the idea of the uncanny, and how the transitional space (whether it is an empty chair or the repeating rooms of an abandoned hotel) can seem familiar yet somehow unsettling.

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