Journeys, Emily Stapleton Jefferi

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About the work:

These illustrations record urban, sea-side and rural wanderings. They combine drawing with sensory information experienced whilst journeying through these locations, and the shapes of the routes walked as plotted on the map. I started these illustrations during an artist’s residency at Kunstlerhaus Stadtopferrei, Neumunster, Germany, where the work I made was in response to having spent the previous eight months in South East Asia. From back-packing I came to realise how lucky I am to be from a developed country with comparatively so many life choices, and consequently the residency project reflected my feelings of appreciation for Neumunster, and explored how to help other people take a moment to appreciate their surroundings. Finding beauty in overlooked, boring and unexpected places became my method of stimulating this appreciation, with the act of taking beautiful pressings as a way of translating this idea into ceramics. Involving other people in my ‘journeys’ through town was very rewarding, and I hope that through the action of finding beautiful textures, as well as through seeing the finished works, an appreciation for our immediate surroundings and hence our lives was kindled. Combining these illustrations into a concertina format reflects the continuous nature of the journeys which they record, and I aim to continue the production of more concertina books to illustrate my subsequent wanderings.

About the artist:

I am interested in the pursuit of beauty, in the creation of objects and environments with a sense of narrative and play, and actively engaging with viewers to stir memories, emotion and new perceptions of objects and places. I use a range of materials such as clay, metal and wood, with the constant dialogue between drawing and making producing interesting and layered results.

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