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LUNA is a performance manuscript, framed by the idea that the artist is a ‘catalyst’ for creativity. This book was inspired, quite unexpectedly, by a pavement in North London which was reminiscent of the moon. I took rubbings, studied the pavement; I became obsessed with this pavement, and then I wanted to take this notion of noticing deeper into performance. LUNA does not exist to get caught up in the object philosophy or the thingness of art; it exists in order to allow the artist or participant to execute ideas with a conceptual, romantic methodology. A work or series of works which is true to the creative process and the world we live in.

Homage to the Blind Woman…

Homage to the Blind Woman… uses textual description and blind exploration to create an experience for both viewer and artist. Our perception of space is modified from a static or instinctive approach, to an ‘active process’ where we can make sense of the world through our individual  sight. The sensory city is the idea that the city can be experienced on a multitude of levels and through unexpected stimuli.  Through text and braille, I have created a thoughtful work which, challenges the viewer to occupy the city with fresh perspective and sensitively appreciates the woman on the train whom inspired this work.  The work exists in bound form as documentation of my performative experience. 

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