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MERZBAU is a self-made, self produced and self distributed magazine. Founded in May 2014, it is published twice a month. Based in Bologna, its Redazione, Filippo Tocchi, Giorgio Tidoni, Pietro Cortona, Andrea Parenti is spread around Bologna, Brescia and Glasgow.


Since today has been published five issues, the sixth will be published on the 15th of April 2016. MERZBAU is based on as much as possible open, diversified and collective collaboration, so to present itself as an assembly of various  voices, styles and medias, an open space for different creative expressions, such as narrative writing, poetry, photography, illustration, video art, performance.


Each issues is developed through the study of an input-theme, which is later proposed to a group of authors/callaborators.

The materials received is later seleceted and layed out by the Redazione according to a path of research, which show a particular interest for experimentation, contemporariety and for a certain type of criticism of the canon. The presentation of each issue is showcased through live perfomaces, visuals and readings.
MERZBAU is not only an independent megazine, but it is a real research and work group, that brings over simultaneously to the editorial project, a series of others specific projects regarding mail art, public art, net art. On is possible to find traces of these researches and the first 4 issues of MERZBAU.

About Issue 5:

After developing a Tumblr page, uploading some videos regarding mud, attaching the Tumblr page in an e-mail, we asked our collaborators the following questions: How to produce a good quality mud? What’s the use of a good mud? What’s ┬áthe ideal mud consistency? The issue is a collection of the answers we have received.

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