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Graham Taylor
OVERT OPERATIONS is a creative entity whose activity is centred around words/writing/text, and various processes of creation, appropriation, publication and appreciation/reading concerning these stimuli. OVERT has been active since 2013.

SORE THROATS is a project trying to recognise how saturated our voices can be in a culture of haste (/Culture of Haste). It consists of a series of zines, a blog and a book, collectively and individually trying to articulate SORE THROAT CULTURE and the potential of whispering and listening in an environment that has normalised shouting.

RUPTURED GUTS is a new project trying to form the idea of the PLASTIC VISCERAL and articulate the potential for the mind > body. It is a series of zines with the flexibility to change, made in saturation and informed by hubris/ignorance, attempting to rephrase identity as identification.

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