Where The Pain Thrives, Mie Hansson

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Where Pain Thrives is a collection of poems by Mie Hansson. Autobiographical, and at times explicitly so, Hansson serves up versions of herself in a dramatic medley of a woman who, before she could live, first had to die.

Each section begins with the birth of a new narrative; each ends in dying.

In the first act, Hansson reminisces the bitterness of self-conscious and naive adolescence, marked by indifference but also the unquenchable wish to rise above such bitterness.

In the second, she explores emotional sensations through euphoric and noxious love affairs, as well as her encounters with socio-political forms of beauty and their subsequent derangement.

In the third, Hansson takes a wholehearted leap into bohemian life, with its devotion to artistic and personal idolization, cultural and anarchist thought, desexualization and, above all, a cooler temperature and thickness of skin. The poet concludes with clarity of both mind and body: her joys thrive best in pain.

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