Temporama, Clayton Jr

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Temporama is a silent story inspired by noir films and magic realism literature.?From The Comics Journal (USA): ?”(…)The narrative is almost entirely carried by moody, noir-ish color (…) It’s one of the more interesting depictions of night in the city that I’ve ever seen in comics form, as the Brazilian artist uses a midnight blue as his base color and juxtaposes it against the extremely harsh and bright yellow of a store and the bright reds and purples of a fireworks display. ?Clayton Jr. makes that darkness work for him, keeping the story bouncing along à la Carl Barks despite the fact that he’s not using a standard line to keep the reader’s eye moving from panel to panel. (by Rob Clough)”



Clayton Junior works a freelance illustrator and designer in London. His comics have been published on anthologies from Brazil, USA, UK, Slovenia and Italy, and Temporama was his first solo publication.

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