The Second Self Salon Zine, Lily Hall and Flora Bradwell

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The Second Self Salon Zine, 2015, £2 – Lily Hall and Flora Bradwell (

About the Work
This zine was compiled in February 2015 as part of a week-long project held on the site of the former tanning salon TAN LIKE THAT on the Cheriton Estate in Gospel Oak, London. Here, on Tuesday 10 February 2015, Bella Lordwarf opened the doors to her Second Self Salon, where all alter-egos, avatars and ghost writers were welcomed to browse the library of fictional artists or join Bella for a cup of tea and a chat. On the closing night of the Salon, which fell on Valentine’s day, Bella hosted an inaugural Lonely Avatars’ Club. Bella is the alter ego of artist Flora Bradwell. A historian of fictional worlds by day and front-woman of disco power girl band by night. For herSecond Self Salon Bella invited curator Lily Hall to collaborate and contribute to her growing library of avatars and alter egos.
Together Lily and Flora created this zine as a memento of the days spent on the Cheriton Estate in Gospel Oak. The format of the zine echoes the form and content of the project: it is laid out in two halves that sit back-to-back, meeting in the middle. These pages gather together a visual narrative of work-in-progress, acting as a reminder of the project and how it unfolded.

Printed in an edition of 30 copies.

About the Artist
Bella Lordwarf is an historian, painter and lead singer of disco, hip hop girl band Bella & The Lordwarfs. The band have released three singles to date: BOZO: The Clown Who Ran Away, I AM BELLA (Hear Me Roar) and #BUYMYPAINTING. Their music videos have been screened both nationally and internationally at festivals including Folkestone Triennal (2013), FAQIFF in Bucharest (2015) and the London Short Film Festival (2016). In 2013 Bella presented her research around the history of the Cluen family at The Cluen Dynasty Museum at Jacksons Lane. Bella has performed at various events including London Independent Arts Festival 2015, Pride in London with Take Me Home Projects (2015) and at Freshly Scratched at Battersea Arts Centre in 2011. Bella is currently exploring her own personal mythology and beginning a cult based on her imagined mystical findings.

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