Untitled, Sylvia Morgado

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“Untitled” is a chapbook, a fragmented narrative which tells the story of a fragile relationship between mother and daughter. The book is also part of an installation that is a complete experience for the senses! 

Participants are invited to flick through the book while having a coffee and listening to the soundtrack, traveling on the London underground, experimenting what the characters are also going through and .

Sylvia Morgado 

Sylvia Morgado is a multi-media artist and writer who had exhibited in the UK and internationally. Making use of thought provoking techniques to engage spectators, her body of work assembles text, storytelling, installation, performance and interactivity, exploring the senses; leading visitors to a participatory multi-sensory experience.


The use of recycled materials and typewriters is common in her work. Her practice reflects her passion for words and her stories are short and at the same time poetical and sharp.


Morgado has three self-published books, all of them also part of installations: “It happens!”; very short stories, “Untitled,” a poetic prose in dialogue format; and “23seconds”, a collection of 23 short stories of everyday life.


Her work is a mixture of different interests and cultural influences, such as viewer participation, Neo-Concretism, Fluxus, Conceptual and Pop Art, Concrete Poetry, Modern Literature, Tropicália and Bossa Nova.

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