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Victoria Coster Lives and works in London Victoria graduated from the sculpture department of University College Falmouth in 2006 with a BA Fine Art (First Class Hons). Through a mixed media approach to practice, which encompasses lens based, drawing, sculpture, collage, collection, the written and spoken word she explores notions of identity, how the shifting narrative of self is constantly being defined or re-defined in the context of and in relation to, environment, experience, memory, object – the other.
Tales of Transience : Behind the Veil

‘Tales of Transience’ is work in progress. Behind the Veil forms a chapter, a series of images and writing produced from behind various mosquito nets over a period of several months, times where I could do little other than observe the world from a constantly shifting perspective, a perspective that was being re-shaped by the Indian philosophy that I had come to study.
I have long been inspired by Ecriture Feminine, particularly the writings of Helen Cixous and the notion of ‘write yourself, your body must be heard’, the combination of words and image explores this idea, bringing together the subjective/objective the temporal/ephemeral.
Title Two The Philluminist – Mini Match Book Collection

The four book documentary series accompanies a collection of matchbox’s consisting of over 1300. Found predominantly on the streets and collected solely from India over approximately a three year period. Some were sent back to await my arrival in England, others were carried with me for the rest of the journey. As my fascination for the box’s turned from intrigue into obsession my curiosity about their origin of production grew. Heading to the seaport town of Kollam I visited several match making factories to discover where the box’s started life before ending up underfoot and discarded. Each one of the four mini books focuses on a different factory. I was kindly invited to document the production process of matches, box’s and labels, all of which are specific to the region and distinctively recognisable by their purple hand dyed technique. I chose to reflect the process in the making of the mini books, hand cutting and binding the books, hand making the presentation box and offering a choice of five labels, as with the original object, the imperfections help to make them what they are.

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